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So love your child!

Put this letter into your Bible, my brother,and if you pray for your child, don’t forget to beg for the following:
- do not undermine your faith in God, to whom your child belongs, in terms of creation and savior. His purpose with you is well defined. He is the one who sets the aims for your child and not you. And you have to understand that.
-never lose your patience with your child because he is patient with you us well. Love him with never ending love.
-wait for the appropriate moment in education with the same patience that God waited for the prodigal son.
  • Find with His help the appropriate word and method to act and say only what is needed and when is needed.            
  • Never doubt the word of God when speaks about your child.         
  • Always find the appropriate punishment to avoid what damages instead of doing good, the punishment that even God won’t use.
  • To forgive and get forgiveness without many words or with no words.      
  • To give you God enough time for your child, and not to spend this time on other things; to get to know your child as well as your land, your animals, your tools.     ---search your child’s faults in yourself because he inherits, sees, hears and copies everything from you.    
  • In the process of education educate yourself, if necessary, through your child. Because the educator is always the one who stands closer to Christ, and in many cases the child is the one who gets closer to Him.     
  • Knowing your child you become a man who spreads the world of the Lord. Only through it you can help your child to come across the physical and psychical difficulties. This way he will think of you with joy even after you are dead
  • Besides patient and love to give you tact in order to avoid answering with anger to defiance, to misbehavior with rudeness, not to be heartless and to understand pain. Because anger gives birth to anger. Love sets you free, joy cures and goodness raises you. This is how Jesus would act.     
  • To take away the army atmosphere ; to learn from Jesus to speak with your children clearly, with love and from all your heart.      
  • To have the strength to follow the teachings written in the Hymn of love, Corinthian 1, 13. Jesus answers you if you ask Him where the trouble is. Educating we serve God, who can save our children, and give us eternal life.     
  • Source: Keresztyén Nevelés 1996/1

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