Szászsebes, Sebeş-Alba, Mühlbach

Sebeş (Szászszebes) lies at 14 km south from Alba Iulia on the banks of the River Sebes. It was named after the river, which means ‘quick’. In 1245 was first mentioned with the name Mallembach. Other names: in 1300 Sebus, in 1309 Mulnbach, Sceps sive Mulunak,  Mylenbach and Mylunbach, Sebus Maior, in 1402 Sebes, in 1435 Zazsebes. Starting with 1303 the settlement received the rank of civitas. It was inhabited by rich Saxons who after 1387, for the first time in Transylvania, fortificated their town. In the 19th -20th centuries there could be noticed a great progress of the town, all this thanks to Mayor Johann Schöpp. Between 1900 and 1914 he built a City Hall, Post Office, gymnasium, schools, hospitals and houses. The consequence of this boost was the development of the reformed community and the need of becoming independent, because it belonged to Vintu de Jos. At the beginning of the 20th century a church and parochial house were built. According to the deed of foundation from 14 november 1900, László Szakács establishes a foundation of 20000 crowns for the Reformed Church from Sebes, which had about 100 followers. Thanks to this foundation in 1902-1903 outside the town walls, along the road to Petrisat (Szaszpeterfalva) a neogothic church and a parochial house were built. A memorial plaque reminds us about this event: “It was built to praise the glory of God by public subscription in the time of Dr. György Bartók bishop, Dr. Viktor Elekes dean, Károly Benedek reverend of Alvinc, under the trusteeship of Elemér Kormos and Bertalan Szilágyi, in the period of Gábor E. Papp scrivener, László E. Kovács cashier and András László, member of the community. The church and parochial house were planned and built by Ferencz Szalay in 1902-1903.” The church was consecrated in 1904. it was renewed in 1997-1998. In 2003, when András Gudor was reverend, was celebrated the centenary of the church and community. In 2011 the community had 26 members.
Reverends: Károly Benedek (1907), Károly Kovács (1907-1945), Zsigmond Jakab (1945-1963), Árpád Péterffy (1950 -1983), Sándor Bálint (1984-1991), Imre Bárdi (1991-1995), Sándor Jakab (1995-1996), András Gudor (1996-2011), Dr. Botond Gudor (2011-).

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